Lions District 4-A1 

Technology Plan:  (April 2014)
by Lion Ron Raines, District Technology Chair.

To spread the use of internet technology within our district Lions Clubs for the betterment of Lionism. 

The use of the internet includes e-mail and websites.  Communicating Lion business and sharing ideas.  Helping other Lions and clubs to improve their knowledge and ability to use internet technology for Lionism.

The BIG Idea: (Year 6)
Out of 55 clubs in our district, ALL now have working websites. Go to our district website and click the button: "Clubs". Lion Ron wants to help the clubs maintain those websites with a growing number of clubs becoming self-sufficient. He will either advise or maintain (edit) web pages for clubs. He offers on-line help or instruction.  Some sites are independent, using their own host. Some are using the district host plan ( described in the next section. And, some are hosted by the district website using a sub-domain under the district domain name.
Example: "Mariposa dot Lions4 dash A1 dot org"  This name is not easy to "tell" people or remember. However, it works fine.  Easier is "Mariposa Lions dot org."  This is one good reason to be a paid participant on the district hosting plan. Clubs can find their own host, as some have done.

The cost:
Unless one finds a "free" host for your website, it is necessary to pay for your hosting and domain name. Domain names cost about $10 per year. A domain name is the address of your website such as:   A host is a company with a special computer which is called a server. Hosting typically cost $100+ per year. But, by using Lion Ron's host administrator skills, we can offer club website hosting at $10 per year. We receive a discount by doing the contract for 5 years. So our domain name and hosting is $100 for 5 years. ($20 per year) Let's collect $100 for a five year period.

Getting Started:
The district cabinet (treasurer) has agreed to collect the funds ($100) from each participating club and pay for the hosting and domain names when billed.  (on-line credit card)

  • Upon payment, Lion Ron will contact the club representative to find out the domain name chosen and provide access to the website.  He will train and/or do the webmaster duties for each club.  Yes, you could do as little as send him the info in an e-mail and it will be posted!
  • Clubs need to gather information about members, activities, dates, etc.  Bulletin editors have this.  It is very important to keep a separate list of members who have e-mail accounts.  Unless members decline, it is great to list e-mail addresses with their names on your website.  (Why not put e-mail addresses in your club bulletins?  It identifies members with some computer skills.)
  • Lion Ron will offer "hands on" training workshops at all district meetings. 
  • We will try to find volunteers in each club who know how to set up internet access and e-mail on club member computers.

Get your club funds ($100) to Ron who will then give them to our Cabinet Treasurer  PDG Pat Casey-Gillum.
Make check payable to: District 4-A1 
Make notation on check: "[club name] for website"
Send to: PDG Ron Raines -- 4600 Broadmore St. -- Chowchilla, CA 93610

Give Lion Ron a club contact name with phone and e-mail address.
    ►Ron will contact you immediately and get you started.

Lion Ron Raines
1-559-474-0470 (cell)

Over the past ten years, Ron has been developing his skills.  This has led to using on-line forms for Lions meeting or convention registrations and being able to incorporate "content management systems" in his website designs.  This has filled the often expressed need to have a simple way to edit your website without special software or skills.  The webpages have content sections which are easy to access and edit.  Choose a design and work with Ron to get your club website going.
Recent personal health issues have inspired Ron to prepare our district technology program for the ultimate demise of his active leadership.  He is sure many Lions joined him in this thought, when suddenly he was reported having a heart attack and by-pass surgery -- on top of the Parkinson's.  Hey, we all may well plan for foreseen and unforeseen events!
2018 Plans: 
  1. Make the websites managed by the district, easier to create and maintain.  --Ron's NEW Content Management System.  Check it out.
  2. Collect funds to support the website program into the future.  $100 donation from each club.  Voluntary. 
  3. Invite more Lions Club members' participation and leadership.  A Technology Committee.  Meets during district meetings and online using Teamviewer.